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Due to high demand we're currently unable to accept orders via our online shop. Please contact us via phone on 01884 277471 to inquire about our products and to place an order. Thank you for your patience!


We use no nasty chemicals, no concentrated juices but high quality interesting natural ingredients & local when available- we don't do boring drinks! Delicious on the rocks [in a tall glass], sipped in a wine glass or even mixed with your favourite tipple.


Apple Blueberry & Lavender - perfect for a quiet light drink, a .fragrant blueberry aroma, quite dry

Lovely with gin!


Pomegranate & Hibiscus - a full bodied berry flavour with the distinct pomegranate taste & the slightly sweet aroma and taste of hibiscus.


Orange Honey & Elderflower - a hint of elderflower aroma, followed by the full orange flavour and a soothing honey aftertaste. Ideal for drinking at any time of day.


'Cloud Lime' - a zesty flavour of whole pressed fresh limes with a refreshing aftertaste of Matcha green tea.  Very thirst quenching, especially when spritzered with sparkling water or tonic and perfect for barbecues and fish dishes.


Mull'dBerry - a smooth fruity mix of flavours coming from the mulberry, pear and cranberry with a zesty spicy note and a definite ginger kick at the end. Delicious piping hot or even better, ice cold on the rocks!


Rhuberry -  A true British aroma of strawberries, followed by traditional rhubarb and a hint of ginger






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