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Orange, Honey & Elderflower (12 X 750ml)



A single unit is: 12 X 750ml

Orange, Elderflower and Honey make a wonderful refreshing combination.

Elderflower is found throughout Northern Europe and is nicely, very common. We can all take advantage of this little gem ! The tree, Elder, grows easily from seeds and has a distinctive aroma similar to muscat grapes. Once it is established it can grow up to 6 metres.

Folklore says that if you planted an Elder in a herb garden and stood underneath it at midnight, you would see the King of Elves and his royal party.

Elderflowers have a musty scent and are popular in both hot and cold drinks. We can buy elderflower cordial, elderflower tea, and of course the champagne version!

We use the freshest flowers for our extraction. BloomBerry do a great, Orange, Elderflower and Honey drink, 75% fruit juice… We dare you to try !!!


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